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AI in Cyber Security

the evolving trends on artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning as well as the differences. HE further highlighted the uses of this concept in the various sectors but nose dived into its use within the financial sector especially in the areas of security.

Use cases in different software were highlighted such as IBM Watson, SIEMs, spam filter applications, network prevention and intrusion detection systems, Fraud detection, credit scoring, botnet detection etc. He also highlighted the success rates in the deployment of artificial intelligence and raised a fundamental question for everyone to discuss i.e. Will Artificial intelligence takeover in future? Divergent opinions came up in which some people said that we need to evolve with Technology so that they don’t lose their jobs. during the presence of artificial intelligence.

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  • (ISC)2 Nigeria Chapter
  • (ISC)2 Nigeria Chapter
  • (ISC)2 Nigeria Chapter